Chairmate Carpet & Floor Protectors

Chairmats are the ideal solution for carpet & floor protection around desks and workstations.


Clear Non-Slip Finish

  • Newly developed co-laminate extrusion offers full covering of the chairmat (replacing the strips). The almost
    invisible smooth and non-slipping undersurface sits firmly on the floor surface and allows easy and quiet
    movement of chair casters across the grained chairmat surface.

Studded Finish

  • Ideal for deep piled carpets.
  • Undersurface includes a grid on 25 mm centres of 4mm extruded spikes to allow the protector to grip into the carpet surface without damage to the carpet.


1200mm x 900mm (Standard curve)
1350mm x 1140mm (Executive curve)
1800mm x 1200mm (Diplomat – square)